Gun Violence

President Biden is Taking Action to End Gun Violence—and Congress Must Follow Suit

April 8, 2021 | National

Young children hold sign protesting gun violence

Today, President Biden announced a series of executive actions to curb America’s longstanding and growing gun violence epidemic. These lifesaving reforms represent the boldest federal action against gun violence in nearly 30 yearsand a major victory for the movement to protect children, not guns. Together, the President’s executive orders will:

  • Stop the proliferation of deadly “ghost” gunsuntraceable, homemade guns assembled from DIY kitsthat a growing number of criminals are using to bypass background checks and harm our children and communities;
  • Tighten restrictions on gun stabilizing braces, which allow pistols to mimic semi-automatic rifles and make violence more deadly; 
  • Make it easier for states to enact extreme risk or “red flag” laws, which authorize loved ones and law enforcement officials to temporarily disarm individuals who show signs of endangering themselves or others and help prevent moments of crisis from becoming irreversible tragedies;
  • Improve data collection on gun trafficking to stop the flow of illegal weapons into our streets; and 
  • Increase funding for programs seeking to prevent community violence, which disproportionately affects children and communities of color.

These historic reforms are much-needed and long-overdue, but more must be done to combat our nation’s gun violence crisis. With a child or teen killed by gunfire every 2 hours and 36 minutes in America, we cannot settle for executive action without legislative action. Congress must follow the President’s example and heed his calls to strengthen background checks, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and advance other common-sense gun safety solutions to keep children safe wherever they live and learn. The House has already passed and sent multiple lifesaving bills to the Senate, all of which could be signed into law immediately. There is no excuse for inactionand there is no time to waste. Our leaders have the power to save child lives and futures now. Let’s mobilize and organize until they find the will, courage, and decency to do so.