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Viewpoints and analysis from the CDF Policy team on issues impacting children. CDF’s policy advocacy focuses on the whole child because children don’t come in pieces. We seek to end child poverty and give every child a healthy start, a quality early childhood experience, a level education playing field, safe families and communities free from violence—with special attention to children involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.


Youth Voices: Children Deserve Characters Like Them

Children shouldn’t have to wait until maturity to begin to internalize the words, “love yourself”! Better representation in books, tv shows, and news media should start now: through empowering our children to be their genuine selves, encouraging them to engage with a variety of books and media, and showing them that they are the right person to make a change.

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Why the CTC and Baby Bonds are Smart Investments in our Children

Let’s correct the historical disinvestment and intentional harm done to our communities of color, and let’s invest in permanent Baby Bonds and an expanded CTC NOW. Congress must include both of these policies in the reconciliation package. It is, foremost, the right thing to do for our children and youth, and it is also smart economics for all.

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New Report on the Experiences and Perspectives of Young People who Lived in Congregate Care

With growing research on the harms of institutional placements and continued calls to action from young people who experienced these placements, we must ensure young people impacted by the child welfare system have the resources they need to thrive with their relatives or in a family-like setting.

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It’s Time for Congress to Extend the Eviction Moratorium

Roughly 15 million people in 6.5 million renter households are currently behind on their rent and face an increased risk of eviction. To protect these families and their children, Congress should extend the moratorium until the pandemic is over and all the emergency rental assistance provided in previous COVID-relief bills has reached renters in need.

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New Policy Report from Young People with Experience in the Foster Care System

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s Foster Youth Internship (FYI) Program® brings a cohort of young adults who have experienced the foster care system to intern in congressional offices on Capitol Hill and publish policy recommendations to best support young people impacted by the foster care system. After serving on a specialized COVID-19 Foster Youth Intern Pandemic Working Group, the 2021 Foster Youth Interns went on to intern for congressional offices this summer and have authored "Building the Path Forward for Change in the Child Welfare System" based on their experiences and expertise.

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Biden Administration Permanently Boosts Nutrition Assistance in Continued Effort to End Child Poverty

All 17 million children who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to access nutritious meals—nearly a quarter of all children in America—will receive additional assistance starting in October. This week, the Biden administration approved an historic expansion of the program, permanently raising benefit levels for the first time in more than 45 years. It is a long-overdue expansion and a critical step towards ending child poverty, advancing racial equity, and improving child well-being.

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