Family Stability and Economic Mobility

Our Promise 

We’re dedicated to ensuring every young person starts their journey from a stable and nurturing home. Whether through birth, kinship, foster, or adoptive families, we believe in providing a solid foundation. Our mission is to equip children and youth to exceed the achievements of the generations before them. 

The Problem 

Family stability is important. Families face unprecedented challenges, highlighting the urgent need for accessible education and stable living conditions. 



have more children and youth in foster care now than a decade ago

1 in 45

public school children

are homeless

Our Policy Path

Our mission is to advocate for policies that empower families and uplift communities. We focus on key areas to create positive change: 

Child Welfare: We advocate for policies that prevent unnecessary separation of Black and Brown families, ensuring poverty alone does not lead to child welfare system involvement. 

Economic Equity: We support the transition from a $15 federal minimum wage to comprehensive living wages and advocate for gender pay equity. 

Asset Building: We work towards closing the racial wealth gap by promoting initiatives that provide affordable housing options and pathways to homeownership. 

Income Support: CDF emphasizes expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit at both federal and state levels while closing tax loopholes, enhancing resources for essential social safety nets. 

Education: We campaign for canceling Student Loan Debt, alleviating financial burdens on families and supporting higher education accessibility. 

Our Moonshot Generational Commitment

Universal, public, quality pre-K for all young people beginning at three years old.

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