Early Learning and Development

Our Promise 

We’re dedicated to every child’s early years ensuring they receive vital prenatal care, fostering early bonding with their caregiver, and providing a seamless, high-quality learning journey, preparing them for a successful start in kindergarten. We believe in nurturing the youngest members of our society, laying the foundation for a future filled with possibilities and opportunities. 

The Problem 

During a child’s early years, their brain undergoes significant development.


million available slots

in licensed childcare centers and family care programs for 12.3 million children needing care in 2021


times more likely

to experience complications related to pregnancy and childbirth as a Black woman, compared to white women



and the District of Columbia, cost for infant care in a childcare center surpasses the cost of tuition at a public college

Our Policy Path

We advocate for essential public policies to enhance family well-being: 

Accessible Health Care: Ensure accessible and culturally sensitive prenatal and maternal health care for all expecting mothers. 

Early Childhood Education: Support Early Head Start and Head Start programs, providing vital care for children from low-income households. 

Home Visitation: Implement Home Visitation programs connecting children to resources, offering parental support, and identifying developmental differences early. 

Equitable Child Care Access: Increase state and local funding to provide equitable access to high-quality child care for all families. 

Fair Compensation for Educators: Promote quality rating systems and early educator pipelines, ensuring fair compensation through living wages. 

Full-Day Kindergarten: Establish full-day kindergarten programs, creating a seamless transition for children from early years to the early grades. 

Supportive Family Bonds: Advocate for paid family leave policies, fostering strong family attachments and early bonds during this crucial period of welcoming a child. 

Our Moonshot Generational Commitment

Universal, public, quality pre-K for all young people beginning at three years old.

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