Tell your senators: children and families need COVID relief

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Tell your senators-children and families need COVID relief

The Children’s Defense Fund is fighting to make
sure every child in America has what they need to thrive.

What does Biden’s COVID relief proposal mean for children

Congress is getting serious about fighting child poverty

A review of the latest child allowance proposals

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365 Days of Impact

How the CDF community helped children reach their full potential in 2020.

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365 Days of Impact

What does Biden’s COVID relief proposal mean for children?

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package would help families in crisis and begin to address child poverty.

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What does Biden's COVID relief proposal mean for children

COVID-19 Resources for Families

Find the tools and information you need to keep your family safe and secure.

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“One ultimate goal [of CDF Freedom Schools] is for kids to actually be excited about learning and see themselves in what they learn and see the power and potential that reading has in their lives.”

—Dr. Lakia M. Scott, Executive Director, Indian Spring Middle School, CDF Freedom Schools site, Waco, TX

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