Today is Children’s Health Day and this is my story …

Today is Children’s Health Day and this is my story …

I had a speech impediment as a child. As a result, I was embarrassed to speak up in class.

It wasn’t until the age of 24, when I had comprehensive health insurance, that I was diagnosed hard of hearing in my left ear by an ear, nose and throat specialist. It all finally made sense.

At Children’s Defense Fund-CA (CDF-CA), I advocate so that children of color do not grow up without access to healthcare. I make sure working families know about and enroll in programs like Medi-Cal so their children can see a specialist if they need one and not have to wait years like i did.

CDF-CA works to protect, improve and expand health coverage for children and families of color who need it the most. Children in California should never go without seeing a doctor; we need to keep children’s safety nets accessible and help heal children impacted by trauma and poverty.

Today, on Child Health Day, please help my vision and CDF-CA’s vision become a reality: ALL children should have comprehensive, affordable health coverage and timely access to the care they need to reach their full potential.

It would have made a difference for me.


With thanks and appreciation,


Lorena Sánchez

Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives