Kameron Anderson

Kameron Anderson photo

Kameron Anderson, a former Middle School Literacy Teacher at Trotwood City Schools for over five years, has transitioned to a new role with the US Federal Government, driven by a passion for broader and more equitable community impact. In his teaching tenure, Kameron led an after-school tutoring program and played vital roles in community service initiatives, serving as a Servant Leader Intern, Site Coordinator, and Project Director for CDF Freedom Schools. Guided by the quote of James Baldwin, who stated, “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it,” He now pursues ambitious goals in his government position, leveraging his education from The Ohio State University. Currently enrolled in a Master’s Program for clinical mental health therapy, Kameron aspires to become a therapist, emphasis in Black Mental Health, his commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities.