Dr. Kisha Howell

Affiliated Faculty Teachers College, Columbia University

Kisha Howell photo

Dr. Kisha Howell, Hunter College

Dr. Kisha Howell is an educator, a community founder, and a researcher. She places critical listening, innovative thinking, provocative questioning, and self-reflection at the center of her work. In addition to partnering with the CDF Freedom Schools® program and Teacher Opportunity Corps, she also works as an adjunct instructor at Hunter College and has served as a staff developer, new teacher mentor, and research assistant.

Dr. Howell not only draws on her years of experience teaching elementary and middle school in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Harlem, but also merges her understanding of literacy, teacher education, and activism to curate the necessary conversations to move the culture of education forward. She draws on critical race theory and black feminist thought, and she grounds her work in the traditions of Sankofa, repeatedly returning to her ancestral past to glean knowledge. She earned her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Teachers College of Columbia University.

You can connect with Dr. Howell via Twitter (@kishahowell3), Instagram (@thethoughtpartner), and email (kisharanelhowell@gmail.com).