Antwuan Satterwhite

Antwuan is a school social worker in Atlanta, GA where he provides comprehensive school social work services to students, parents, and school staff, addressing the barriers that limit a student from receiving full benefit from their educational experience. Antwuan is a native of North Augusta, South Carolina. He received his Bachelor of Science of Psychology from the College of Charleston, Masters in Social Work from the University of South Carolina, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Education in Community Care and Counseling from Liberty University. He is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He started out in the Freedom Schools movement in 2014 and became enthralled with history and its impact. Antwuan recognizes there is a growing need for students needing mental health services in educational settings in underprivileged communities. His goal is to identify educational policies that foster equity and excellence in education among the marginalized communities. He is excited to be a second year Ella Baker Trainer to continue growing in leadership and being an advocate for the youth.