CDF-TX Statement on Senate Bill 7: Voter Suppression Has No Place in Texas

May 7, 2021

Despite resounding opposition from Texans, House lawmakers voted in support of Senate Bill 7 late last night/early this morning. Through their actions, lawmakers have demonstrated their commitment to further restricting voting rights and their lack of commitment to Texas voters. SB 7 disproportionately burdens marginalized voters, limits voters’ access to vote by mail, and emboldens partisan poll watchers. This bill is a threat to our democracy.

As Senate Bill 7 moves on to the Governor’s desk, we are not going anywhere – the fight for voting rights continues.

Texans overcame great obstacles, namely a worldwide pandemic, to vote in the 2020 election. We shouldn’t have to overcome obstacles set up by the very leaders that are meant to represent us. Young people, students, voting rights advocates, and state and nationwide business leaders have come together to make one thing clear: voter suppression has no place in Texas.

We at CDF-TX do not support this legislation or others like it. It is time to reaffirm our commitment to a democracy that includes us all. We stand with every Texas voter to ensure that we can freely elect our leaders and continue the work towards a state and a country that serves us all.