Welcome to the CDF-Ohio Team, Tziporah Tiller!

January 24, 2020 | Ohio

Welcome to the CDF-Ohio Team, Tziporah Tiller!

Internships aren’t just available in the summer – we welcome interns year round. This winter, we are pleased to introduce Tziporah Tiller to the CDF-Ohio team. Tziporah will be working with the policy team in our work supporting the Ohio Legislative Children’s Caucus and the organization’s development efforts. Here’s a little bit more about Tziporah and her interests in social justice and making a difference for children.

Hometown: Rochester, MI

University: The Ohio State University

Major(s): Political Science and Public Affairs

Extra-curricular activities/leadership/honors:

I am a Morrill Scholar and member of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society. I am currently Co-Events chair of Students for Educational Equity, Co-Programming Chair of the Undergraduate Black Law Student Association, Mentor on the Morrill Scholars Academic Advancement Team, Social Change Ambassador, Empower Mentor at Independence High School, Buckeye Buddies Mentor.

What inspires you to serve?

My parents have always instilled in me a responsibility to my community and to always look out for the underdog. My mom has especially inspired me with her love and passion for teaching. It takes a lot of heart, compassion, and patience to follow your passions and I have learned that through watching her. It has never been a question of if I will serve, but how I will serve.

What is the change you want to see in the world?

Ultimately, I want to see more compassion in our world. I want to see compassion for the child who is trying their hardest in school despite what life has thrown at them. I want to see it for the formerly incarcerated who is trying to adjust to life outside prison. I want to see it for the families who have risked everything to give their children a better chance. I want to see that compassion translated into policies meant to help them instead of policies that keep them down.

In five years, I see myself…

In five years, I see myself in law school working to advocate justice for those who rarely see it.