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Texas students are at risk of losing their healthcare! Help your students stay covered.

January 25, 2023 | Texas

What Is The Risk?

When the pandemic began, the federal government required every state to keep people enrolled in Medicaid even if they were no longer eligible. That requirement ends on March 31, 2023. After that date, Texas will begin checking eligibility, and those no longer eligible will lose their Medicaid. However, families are rusty at the renewal process. Many have never been through this, and many have moved during the pandemic, so the state won’t know where to reach them.

Experts predict that thousands of children could lose their Medicaid by mistake. We’re counting on schools to help us reach families and get ahead of this so that students stay connected to healthcare.

Why Does It Matter?

Without health insurance, students won’t be able to see their doctors, get vaccines, or continue the medications they need to stay healthy and keep up with their learning. Schools also stand to lose money: many receive Medicaid reimbursements for school health services provided to Medicaid-enrolled students with IEPs.

Who Will Be Affected? 

Students with Medicaid are affected. Medicaid serves low-income children. The majority of Texas children with Medicaid are Black or Hispanic, and children in families that don’t speak English as their primary language are at greater risk of missing out on the information they need. In March 2023, families will also stop receiving extra SNAP benefits, meaning they will have less help paying for food.

What Can I Do?

We need all hands on deck to get these key messages out to families:

  • Make sure you have access to your account on or through the Your Texas Benefits mobile app.
  • Update information with Texas Medicaid, especially if you moved since 2020.
  • Keep an eye out for a yellow notice in the mail, and respond to requests for information right away.
  • If you’re confused or unsure about a notice, find help near you.

You can help spread the word with the following resources. 


Recursos (Español)

Resources (Vietnamese)

This customizable flyer provides space to direct families to a local community partner for assistance. Find partners in your district here.


Contact Adrienne Lloyd, Health Policy Manager, at

Phone Script

Hello this is [Title][Name] with [School District]. This message is for our families who have Medicaid.

Medicaid rules are changing, and everyone must take action. Don’t wait. Stay informed and update your information now so your family doesn’t lose health insurance. Please visit your account on or the Your Texas Benefits mobile app to make sure your address and information are accurate. Then, look for a yellow notice in the mail or an alert in the mobile app. Respond to requests from Texas Medicaid right away. Thank you.

(About 30 seconds)

Guión Telefónico 

Hola, habla es [Título][Nombre] con [Distrito Escolar]. Este mensaje es para nuestras familias que tienen Medicaid.

Las reglas de Medicaid están cambiando, y todos deben tomar acción para que su familia no pierda el seguro médico. No espere. Manténgase informado y actualice su información ahora. Visite su cuenta en o la aplicación móvil Your Texas Benefits para asegurarse de que su dirección e información esten correctas. Luego, busque un aviso amarillo en el correo o una alerta en la aplicación móvil. Responda de inmediato a las solicitudes de Texas Medicaid. Gracias.

(Alrededor de 30 segundos)


Adrienne Lloyd

Health Policy Manager, Children’s Defense Fund – Texas