Free Virtual Education Tools for Children and Their Caregivers

March 19, 2020 | National

Millions of children are out of school right now, as communities take action to slow the coronavirus epidemic, and there is a real possibility that some of these students may not be returning to business-as-usual anytime soon. Some schools are continuing to deliver a version of their curriculum virtually, but some caregivers are undoubtedly worried that their children will be missing a lot of academic enrichment this year.

Luckily, educators and companies all over the country have responded to this unprecedented situation by making a whole host of great resources available to students online, free of charge. They range from core subject lessons to career explorations to valuable enrichment opportunities that students can access from computers or other internet-enabled devices.

Here’s a brief round-up of ones that caught our eyes as excellent choices for caregivers (non-educators) who are looking for engaging and enriching content to share with their children:

Elementary (grades K-5)

Middle and High School (grades 6-12)



The Children’s Defense Fund is also hoping to keep kids connected to engaging, diverse children’s books during this time. Check out our Facebook page, where we’ll continue adding Read Aloud videos featuring CDF Freedom Schools® program favorites!

Huge thank you to We Are Teachers for compiling such a thorough list of online resources.