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Family Leave Policies Help Children & Families Thrive

February 13, 2020 | Ohio

February 12, 2020

Today was a busy day at the statehouse given the limited number of days scheduled for legislative session before the primaries. The Insurance Committee hosted an important hearing today on H.B. 91, the Family and Medical Leave Act. It’s important because Ohio is facing a preventable human tragedy in that the Buckeye State has a high infant mortality rate – especially among Black babies. The state of Ohio has invested significant resources to mitigate infant mortality and reverse these trends. Of all the interventions we can invest in, policies that support mothers and fathers to care for their newborns in those critical weeks and months after birth is a proven strategy.

CDF-Ohio submitted written testimony in support of the Family and Medical Leave Act and is also calling on the Insurance Committee to hold more hearings so that more parents and other kin providers could testify to the importance of these policies for Ohioans.  No one should ever have to choose between financial ruin and caring for their child or loved one.

Read the full testimony here: HB 91 Testimony_Tracy Najera_2020.02.12_