Child Welfare

CDF-Texas Celebrates a Summer of Speaking Out for Children

November 9, 2018 | Texas

Now that it’s officially Fall in Texas, though the weather may not show it, we reflect on some key events that made the summer of 2018 memorable — both for us and for the children we serve.

When children were being separated from their families at the border, we knew we had to act.

When a call went out for a day of action to speak out against these wrongs, we stepped up.

With only 12 days to prepare, our CDF-Texas team dropped everything and began organizing a major protest rally at the State Capitol on June 30. Within days we had dozens of organizations enlisted as co-sponsors and partners. Speakers were recruited, musicians booked, logistics mapped out. From the very beginning our goal was to center the event on the voices of children and families separated by the administration’s immoral immigration policies. No politicians or celebrities, just women, men and children telling their stories. 20,000 people joined us in Austin to protest family detention and separation. These voices joined an outcry across the country.

The government backed down, courts ordered the family separations to stop and CDF-Texas was — and is — at the center of this fight.


CDF Freedom Schools® Program — Giving voice to the next generation

All during the summer, CDF-Texas was also helping youth experience the power of their own voice. With 15 CDF Freedom Schools sites across the state, we are equipping children with a love of reading and showing them how they can make a difference in the world. Children from several of our CDF Freedom Schools sites joined together in Austin for National Day of Social Action.

This year’s theme focused on:

• Amplifying children’s voices and identifying issues they care about

• Strengthening the electorate by registering adults to vote

• Engaging the electorate to hold them accountable to voting on behalf of children

Then the students traveled to the State Capitol to see where decisions that affect their lives are made. Students learned first hand how they and their families can impact those decisions.

Each and every day, CDF-Texas speaks up for children. This summer we stepped up when thousands of voiceless, immigrant children needed us. And we empowered the next generation of Texas voters with the tools they need to change the world. You can keep this momentum going by pledging your support to CDF-Texas.

More challenges are coming –– we will be ready.