Beat the Odds Program®

Since 1990, our Beat the Odds program has helped transform the lives of our nation's youth, equipping them on their journey into adulthood. We express profound gratitude for the support of all who have championed this program and celebrate the strengths and talents of our Beat the Odds honorees.

As we retire the CDF Beat the Odds program and brand, we thank you.

To our current Beat the Odds youth: We remain steadfast in our commitment to you. All existing commitments will be honored, ensuring your ongoing journey through college is supported.

To our Beat the Odds alums: You will forever be cherished members of the CDF family. Together, we will uplift and support one another, united in our dedication to our families and communities.

To our partners and donors: We’re dedicated to enhancing youth leadership development and organizing efforts. Our renowned CDF Freedom Schools® will continue to impact young lives. We invite you to consider contributing to these direct-service programs as we focus on investing in youth.

We’re committed to launching upcoming generations into successful futures. This ambitious endeavor is part of our overarching commitment to foster the next generation of youth leaders and organizers. Thank you for your continued support.

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