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CDF-OH Child Welfare

The Problem

A child experiences abuse or neglect every 47 seconds in America, with Ohio’s Black and Brown children and youth disproportionately represented in the foster care system. Many children linger in foster care, facing barriers to adulthood without safe, stable families. Approximately 1,000 Ohio youth age out of foster care yearly, often lacking the necessary support for a successful transition. Ohio lags behind national averages in positive outcomes for former foster youth, resulting in challenging life trajectories.

Our Vision

Ohio’s BRIDGES program represents a positive step, offering transitional support for youth aging out of foster care. Significant challenges persist while the state has increased funding for child welfare services. Ensuring youth’s safety, rights, and overall development is paramount. CDF-Ohio aims to uplift youth’s potential by advocating for their rights and comprehensive support, fostering pathways to success.

The Solution

Youth with lived experiences must shape policies and practices. A Youth Ombudsman office, established through House Bill 4, empowers youth by investigating unsafe conditions in foster care. The OHIO Youth Advisory Board is vital in the Youth Ombudsman’s appointment and assesses annual reports, ensuring the voices and needs of youth are heard.