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CDF-OH Child Nutrition

The Problem

Over half a million children and youth in Ohio face food insecurity, a crisis made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite working parents, many families can’t afford consistent, healthy meals, impacting children’s well-being and education.

Our Vision

We advocate for a 15% increase in Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, providing essential relief for families. Increasing SNAP will not just feed families but stimulate Ohio’s economy.

The Solution

P-EBT assistance in Ohio was limited to K-12th graders, neglecting our youngest children and youth. Expanding P-EBT benefits to include young children receiving free or reduced-price meals in preschool and childcare programs is needed—now. 

  • Expand SNAP Benefits: Increase SNAP allowances to cover families’ needs, especially during economic uncertainty.
  • Greater Access to Food: Allow SNAP families to buy hot, prepared meals and suspend administrative rules that could weaken benefits.
  • Protect Affected Groups: Suspend the three-month SNAP time limit for unemployed adults without minors throughout the economic downturn.