The Problem

In 2017, over 800,000 New York children lived in poverty, disproportionately being children of color. While programs like Medicaid and SNAP are vital, the state faces a moral crisis with so many children and youth in need. Over 1.6 million households in New York rely on SNAP, and more than a third of these households have children.

Our Vision

We believe every child deserves nutritious meals and financial security. We see these essentials as universal human rights and advocate for their provision.

The Solution

We actively partner to ensure universal lunch and breakfast in all New York State schools. Our advocacy includes:

Full funding for SNAP

Serving over 20% of New York children and youth

Continuous support for crucial child nutrition programs like WIC

We endorse anti-poverty policies outlined in the CDF’s report, Ending Child Poverty Now, aiming for barrier-free access to existing income supports, improved coordination between benefit applications, and safeguarding child support recipients’ access to other essential benefits. We champion a fairer minimum wage and expanded educational and employment opportunities.