Small girl and Lt. Gov Flanagan

CDF-MN Child Care

The Problem

When families have the necessary financial resources and their children have access to stable, high-quality care, both children and communities thrive. But this reality is out of reach for many working families who are faced with the challenges of expensive and inaccessible child care. The consequences include economic hardship, reduced work hours, and an unreliable system of care.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple but powerful: we believe that every family and child should have affordable, high-quality child care that’s tailor-made to meet their unique needs. By setting a high standard for child care, we equip families to work toward a brighter future for their children and, in turn, strengthen our entire state.

The Solution

We’re dedicated to championing the enhancement of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and ensuring its availability to all eligible families. To achieve this vision, we proudly collaborate with the Kids Can’t Wait coalition, actively advocating for essential programs and policies right at the heart of our state’s government.