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Are you eligible for public work support programs in Minnesota?

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Bridge to Benefits is an initiative by Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota to increase awareness and participation in public work support programs and federal and state tax credits to improve family economic stability and improve child outcomes. The web-based project relies on an online screening tool  that helps determine potential eligibility for an array of programs. Work support programs and tax credits were implemented by federal and state governments to help low-income workers meet basic needs. Yet, in Minnesota, thousands of eligible families are not participating in these programs or claiming the tax credits that could provide increased economic stability for their families.

The goals of Bridge to Benefits are to:

  • Increase awareness and participation in public work support programs and tax credits;
  • Improve economic stability and well-being of low-income families by connecting them to work support programs that help meet basic needs;
  • Promote healthy child development;
  • Help families navigate complicated public program enrollment processes;
  • Assist service providers by forming a “network of support” to ensure families receive the help they need;
  • Strengthen communities by bringing in more federal and state dollars through the increased number of families who are participating in public programs and tax credits.

Although there are many different types of public programs, Bridge to Benefits focuses on the programs that benefit low-income, working Minnesota families. These include:

  • Medical Assistance
  • MinnesotaCare
  • Advanced Premium Tax Credits
  • Child Care Assistance Program
  • Early Learning Scholarships
  • Energy Assistance
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  • The MN Child Tax Credit and Working Family Credit (MNCTC and WFC)

The Bridge to Benefits project basically consists of two steps– 1) screening low-income families for potential eligibility in Minnesota’s work support and tax credit programs and 2) helping families complete the application process for the programs for which they appear eligible.

If your organization currently assists low-income families in finding resources or improving their economic stability, Bridge to Benefits may help meet your goals. If your organization currently assists families in completing applications for a public program, CDF Minnesota would be interested in talking to you about becoming a Bridge to Benefits partner. Learn more about how to become a partner.

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