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May 7, 2007


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the weeks since she launched her presidential campaign to help the nine million uninsured children in America, ten-year-old Susie Flynn has received numerous accolades and thousands of calls of support. Now, leading internet media outlets Yahoo! and YouTube have joined the long list of those who praise Susie’s efforts. Both Yahoo! and YouTube helped Susie spread her message to millions of Americans by selecting Susie’s online campaign as their “Pick of the Day” and “Pick of the Week” respectively.

“I want to thank Yahoo! and YouTube for helping me spread the message that we must provide health care coverage to all children in America this year,” said Susie Flynn. “There are nine million children in America with no health insurance. Is there one good reason why our rich nation can’t provide all children health insurance? A vote for me is a vote for the making sure all children have a healthy start in life.”

Elect Susie campaign ads, part of the Children’s Defense Fund’s (CDF) media campaign to ensure all children receive health care this year, aired nationally on CNN and on MSNBC during the first Democratic and Republican presidential debates. The campaign continues to build momentum online, with the launch of websites in English and Spanish, the creation of “Friends of Susie Flynn” profiles on MySpace, Facebook, and Care2 social networking sites, and ads in more than 1,000 theaters nationwide.

“The Elect Susie media campaign draws attention to the shocking reality of how many children in our country are uninsured and how insuring all children is the smart, achievable, and moral thing to do,”said CDF spokesperson Neel Lattimore. “Americans should be outraged that this is happening in our country. They should tell their Members of Congress and the President to act this year to provide health coverage for all children.” 

The Children’s Defense Fund endorses Congressman Bobby Scott’s (D-VA) All Healthy Children Act (H.R. 1688), which would provide health insurance to America’s nine million uninsured children.

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