The Results are in – Our Mission Continues


At a time when children across the country desperately need change, voters stood up to call for a new direction. CDF-Texas affirms that the will of the people must be followed through the same democratic transfer of power that has characterized every past election. We must now move forward together to confront the challenges that face us, and continue our work to ensure that every child has a level playing field and opportunity for success.


Despite barriers to the ballot box that deliberately target people of color, people with limited resources, and young people, over 11 million Texas voters stood in long lines, faced down attempts at intimidation, and too often risked their health by voting in-person in the midst of a pandemic. While we celebrate their determination, no future voter should have to make these sacrifices in order to cast their ballot. Our democracy demands that everyone have an equal ability to participate, and CDF-Texas is committed to continuing our work to expand civic education and opportunity for all.


We also stand with the more than 1.5 million young Texans who brought their voices from the streets to the ballot box, overwhelmingly demanding a new vision for their communities. These young Texans are not just the future of our state; they are the leaders of the moment. As we have done for twenty years, CDF-Texas will continue our tireless work on behalf of children and families to ensure that we all have access to affordable, quality healthcare coverage; that no one experiences violence and discrimination based on the color of their skin, their immigration status, or any other identity; and that all Texans have a voice in creating a world that serves us all.