Rev. Rashad Raymond Moore

Great Preacher

Rashad Moore

Rev. Rashad Raymond Moore, PhD is a pastor, philosopher, and preacher dedicated to unveiling and repositioning the role of tradition and ritual in historically Black institutions through prophetic disruption. With the soul of the African American people as a connecting point in each of his vocations, Dr. Moore focuses his imaginative insight in the educational and ministry setting to create a lasting impact. In his dissertation titled, My Soul’s Been Anchored: Tradition and Disruptive Imagining in Historically Black Education, Dr. Moore delves further into the transformative power of tradition and ritual in dismantling the chains of anti-blackness within 

educational systems, sparking imaginations and inspiring hope for a brighter future. 

Raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Dr. Moore’s foundation in a community imbued with enduring love, education, and prophetic ministry has profoundly influenced his life and vocation. 

Since 2019, Reverend Moore has led the First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a 70-year-old Black congregation celebrated for its diverse and intergenerational richness and significant role in the community. Apart from his pastoral duties, Dr. Moore is a passionate scholar. He has served on the teaching staff at Teachers College, Columbia University, on courses in American and Africana Philosophies of Education. He is a frequent lecturer across colleges in New York City.