Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio calls for the Ohio House of Representatives to stop House Bill 327 from moving forward

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***                                     March 23, 2022

Tracy Nájera, Executive Director                                       Alison Paxson, Communications & Policy Associate

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COLUMBUS –Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio calls for the Ohio House of Representatives to immediately and permanently stop House Bill 327 from moving forward in the legislature.

In an ABC News 5 Cleveland interview, HB 327 co-sponsor, Rep. Sarah Arthur Fowler, made comments on the Holocaust that demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding about what happened and a troubling insistence on there being two sides to the history of these atrocities. It is a sad irony that these comments were made during the same time Russia is using lies as justification to invade and terrorize Ukraine.

“Our children are living in a complex time of current events, making an accurate and full civic education and understanding of who we are and how we got here more important than ever,” says executive director, Tracy Nájera. “Rep. Fowler Arthur’s comments echo those made by other lawmakers throughout the country who have sponsored similar bills with the same misguided perception of our history and how it should be taught. Rep. Fowler Arthur owes it to Ohioans to respond to repeated questions from news outlets to explain and/or clarify her earlier comments, especially since this legislation will have far-reaching implications for Ohio’s future.”

House Bill 327 is currently being heard in the Ohio House of Representatives in the State and Local Government Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Scott Wiggam. It has had three hearings so far.

“We must not repeat the mistakes of history by refusing to learn and in this case, we must resist attempts to erode honesty in Ohio education,” says Nájera.


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