CDF-TX: We Must Count Every Vote

A record number of voters turned out in this year’s election, including over 11 million Texans determined to make their voices heard. As expected, it is taking longer to count our votes and verify a winner as local election officials across the country do their jobs to ensure that every eligible vote is counted accurately. Texans value this democratic process – as evidenced by unprecedented levels of turnout by Texas voters even in the face of the most restrictive voting laws in the country AND in the midst of a pandemic. CDF-Texas stands with every voter to affirm that all of our votes must be counted, just as they have been in the past and will be in every future election.

CDF-Texas also celebrates every young Texan who cast their ballot and helped their families and peers to make their voices heard. Over 1.5 million Texans under the age of 30 overcame unacceptable barriers to the ballot box — barriers with a long history in Texas and across the country of targeting voters of color and youth. Now we join their voices — and the voices of every American — to demand that every vote is counted so that the will of the people prevails and we can tackle the challenges we face together.