Speaking Out for All Our Children: Immigration Is a Children’s Issue

June 3, 2019 | National

Immigration is an important part of the American story. Immigrants shaped this country’s history and will continue to play a central role in its future. Roughly 18.5 million of children under age 18 in America have one or more parents who were born outside of the U.S.—that’s about one quarter of our children.

Our nation’s prosperity is fully connected to our children’s health and well-being. So when one in four of our children are being shortchanged because of the dangerous policies and rhetoric of a reckless administration, we have a problem. You might call even it a national emergency.

In the coming weeks, our policy team will highlight why immigration is a children’s issue. We will share the many ways the Children’s Defense Fund’s policy priorities—including child health and child welfare—intersect and overlap with immigration policy. We’ll discuss how bad policies deepen racial injustice and poverty. And we’ll talk about how recognizing and supporting the dignity and strength of immigrant families helps our nation live out its values.

No matter where they were born or what their immigration status may be, immigrant children and children in immigrant families are still children. Let’s be clear and stay loud about this: immigrant children are children. Every child has potential that deserves to be fostered. And every child deserves a fair shot at a safe, healthy childhood and a successful life.