Reported Public Charge Rule Threatens Children and Families

May 4, 2019 | National

Reuters reported on May 3 that the Trump Administration plans to lob another public charge attack against immigrant children and families. The article describes a Department of Justice (DOJ) draft regulation that would allow the government to deport lawful permanent residents and other immigrants if they have used public benefits.

The reported regulation is a companion to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) public charge proposal that was published for public comment last fall. The DHS proposed rule interprets the public charge inadmissibility ground but did not interpret or expand the public charge ground of deportability. The DOJ anticipated regulation will interpret the deportability ground. Although DHS has yet to finalize its public charge inadmissibility rule, there are already reports of immigrant families avoiding or withdrawing from essential public programs.

Public charge attacks from the Trump Administration cause fear, confusion and harm. Children and families are hurting now.

We have to stand up against harmful policies and their cruel architects. We have to stand up for children. Visit the Protecting Immigrant Families website for FAQ on the DHS public charge inadmissibility proposal, FAQ on the DOJ public charge deportability proposal and other resources. Join the Protecting Immigrant Families email list to stay up to date on developments on these proposals.