New York’s School Children are Now Better Equipped for the School Day Thanks to Restored Funding to Breakfast in the Classroom!

June 18, 2019 | New York

CDF-NY intern Alyssa Sanders is a rising senior at Brown University.

Thanks to your calls and e-mails, the city reversed its harmful proposal to cut funding to Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC). As a result, New York will continue to provide Breakfast in the Classroom to all students, not just students in schools who opt-in to the program.

1 in 5 New York City children face food insecurity. While breakfast is universally offered at all NYC schools, many students cannot get to school 20 minutes before the start of the day to receive this important meal. BIC helped to increase participation in universal, free breakfast by 79,000 since its implementation and to cut down on absenteeism, behavioral issues and trips to the nurses office for hunger pains. Continued support and funding for BIC is a critical step in decreasing hunger and ensuring academic success for all.

Thank you! We appreciate your commitment to supporting Breakfast in the Classroom so that we may ensure that all students are receiving breakfast, an essential meal for success.