Youth Justice

New York’s Raise the Age Law Profiled in New Report

August 28, 2018 | New York

With adult jails housing an increasing number of state prisoners, and the population within juvenile detention facilities shrinking, now is the time to reassess the way youth prosecuted as adults are incarcerated in America. Full implementation of New York’s Raise the Age Law ends the practice in New York and is recognized as a winning strategy for protecting youth, according to a new report from UCLA School of Law released on August 28, 2018. “Getting to Zero: A 50 State Study of Strategies to Remove Youth from Adult Jails,” analyzes national data sets and state laws to provide concrete policy change recommendations to remove youth from adult jails across the country. As our Executive Director Naomi Post said, “Our children do not belong in adult facilities. Youth face heightened risk of physical and sexual abuse, as well as mental health crisis, including suicide, when housed with adults. The Campaign is proud to have New York’s law part of the Getting to Zero report, and to contribute to the nation-wide effort to remove all adolescents from adult jails and prisons.” For additional information please visit: