My son’s life-altering experience

August 5, 2021 | National

The following is a letter written to Children’s Defense Fund supporters by Reyna Hinson, a proud CDF Freedom Schools® parent:

I wanted to take time to express the impact that the CDF Freedom Schools® program has had on my child. I thank you in advance for the opportunity to share our experiences. My child’s name is Jordan Hinson, and he has attended the CDF Freedom Schools program for 4 years. Each year is always better than the year before, and he says it always feels like “Christmas in July!”

Jordan loves the CDF Freedom Schools program for the positive atmosphere it provides. As a parent, I love CDF Freedom Schools because it helps to nurture and bring out the best in people. Parenting is hard, and CDF Freedom Schools makes it easier by helping instill that our children are world-changers.

The CDF Freedom Schools program makes my child feel “fantastic, terrific, great all day long!” The chants and cheers that they perform daily, like the one that prompts that response, truly become a way of life. As a parent, I have noticed how CDF Freedom Schools has really empowered my child. I have seen my child go from being timid when speaking in front of people to MCing a program with enthusiasm.

Not only is my son benefiting from the social interactions, but the CDF Freedom Schools program has also helped Jordan in academics. In the years he attended CDF Freedom Schools, his quarterly reading grades improved and so did his end-of-the-year tests. I am grateful for the CDF Freedom Schools program and how it has been a partner to help bring out the best in Jordan.

CDF Freedom Schools is a program that no child should be without! It is a life-altering experience that propels scholars to be a better version of themselves. This power and positive transformation gives scholars the opportunity to forever change the world for the better. I am so grateful for the positive life experiences, the unconditional love, the great memories, and the legacy that will impact generations to come. CDF Freedom Schools, YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you!×800.jpg

Reyna’s son, Jordan, a CDF Freedom Schools scholar