Let’s talk about inaugurations – resources for educators on this week

January 19, 2021 | Texas


Presidential Inaugurations:I Do Solemnly Swear

Description: Students in grades 3-5 discover how the Presidential Inauguration has changed over time and presents historical figures with archival materials.

Source: National Education Association


Inaugural Quiz

for grades 6-12

Inaugural Photos throughout the years

Source: National Archives


The President’s Pledge: Investigating the Oath of Office

Description: Grades 4-6. As a Civics lesson, the material can be used in a unit on the electoral process, to demonstrate the inauguration as the peaceful transfer of power. It can also serve to reinforce knowledge about the Constitution and highlight important elements of a democratic government. As an English Language Arts lesson, the assessment can be used as a persuasive writing assignment. 

Source: JFK Library


U.S. Presidential Inaugurations: “I Do Solemnly Swear…” A Resource Guide

Description: This page is organized by President. After educators click on a name they will be taken to a page that lists brief facts about the individual/inauguration and that has photos, documents, etc. 

Source: Library of Congress


Historical Inauguration Speeches

Description: A playlist of recorded inauguration speeches starting as early as FDR. 

Source: Youtube


Comparing and Contrasting Inaugural Addresses

Description: Reagan v Lincoln exercise, grades 9-12

Source: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum


Inauguration Day 2021 Easy Reader for Print, Google, & Seesaw

Description: For children in Pre-K to 1st

Source: Teachers Pay Teachers

Inauguration Day: Passages – Distance Learning Compatible

Description: Grades 3-8. Differentiated reading levels.

Source: Teachers Pay Teachers.

Presidential Inauguration {Reading Passages and Comprehension Questions}

Description: Grades 2-5.

Source: Teachers Pay Teachers

If I Were President – An Election, Presidents Day, or Inauguration Activity

Description: Creative writing activity for K-3.

Source: Teachers Pay Teachers

America 101: What Happens on Inauguration Day? | History

Description: A brief video that basically serves as a crash course; could be used as a primer before a lesson.

Source: History Channel on Youtube

Inaugural Activities and Questions

Description: This page has quite a few activities/ideas for educators to use. *Not divided by grade.

Source: Our White House

These are not lesson plans but may help guide educators in their choosing/creation of lesson plans for this day.


Teaching the Inauguration

Description: Struggling with how to address the upcoming inauguration in your classroom? Consider teaching about inaugural history. *This blog post mentions marches on Washington and as a result is especially relevant. The blog post has multiple links to help tie this day into other issues such as voting rights.

Source: Teaching Tolerance


Your Guide to Inauguration Day

Description: Describes the breaks from tradition occurring during this year’s inauguration and the reasons for those breaks.

Source: PBS