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Infant and maternal health opportunities in House Bill 110, Ohio’s biennial budget

May 5, 2021 | Ohio

Infant and Maternal Health Opportunities in House Bill 110, Ohio’s Biennial Budget

Posted May 5, 2021

The Biennial Budget is a time for Ohio to reflect on its priorities and what we value as a state. The expectations are that investments of taxpayer dollars are a reflection of those stated priorities. Earlier today, Kelly Vyzral shared with the Senate Health Committee on how the state can prioritize infant and maternal health through three key actions:

  1. Invest in 12-months continuous care for new moms, who qualify for Medicaid. Currently, Ohio provides coverage  from the time they learn of their pregnancy until 60 days after they give birth and at the 61st day they lose coverage unless they are at 138% of the federal poverty line or below.
  2. Extend support of doula care in Ohio.
  3. Provide additional support for evidence-based home visiting to improve healthy outcomes for new parents and babies.

Read Kelly’s full testimony here.