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The Eviction Moratorium Expires on July 31, Here’s How to Find Rental Assistance

July 28, 2021 | National

When the national eviction moratorium expires on Saturday, millions of families who are still behind on their rent due to the pandemic could face the risk of eviction. To prevent a wave of nationwide evictions, the Biden Administration is pushing to distribute rental assistance to families in need.

Since the pandemic began, Congress has appropriated $46 billion in emergency rental assistance to help struggling renters, but to date only a small fraction of this money has actually reached families due to administrative struggles and an irregular patchwork of assistance programs. In many cases, it has simply been too hard for landlords and renters to get information about and apply for rental assistance.

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is launching a new tool to help renters and landlords find information on rental assistance in their area.

If you’re a renter having trouble paying your rent, utilities, or other housing costs—or if you’re a landlord trying to stay afloat with tenants in this situation—use the new CFPB tool to identify the state and local programs near you that are distributing billions of dollars in rental assistance. 

For more general information about the Emergency Rental Assistance program, visit the unified federal housing assistance portal hosted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.