COVID-19 and Education Justice

April 7, 2020 | New York

Over the past three weeks covid19 has shaken our families, careers, communities, and education system. It has shined a bright light on what we choose to prioritize and what we choose to fully fund. It has shown our lack of commitment to our most vulnerable populations and communities. As a state and city, we have much further to go in understanding how to support and raise the whole child.

This pandemic has amplified the inequities that are deeply rooted in our education system. In week three, low income students, students with disabilities, and students experiencing homelessness, are still struggling to access technology, high speed internet, and remote learning. While for students who live in wealthier districts, technology, high speed internet, and remote learning are a part of everyday life.

It is essential that we begin to move away from the tale of two cities that is our education system and begin to meet the needs of each and every student fairly. Together with our coalition partners we work tirelessly to uplift and advocate for the children of New York City and New York State because we understand that the most vulnerable populations and communities must be supported at every aspect of their lives in order to reach their full potential.

We have called on the New York City Chancellor and the Mayor to address the growing problems in our education system. To no longer hide behind the equity for all agenda until equity for all truly means FOR ALL. Invest in our schools, invest in our children, and invest in our communities. Take the politics out of education in order for all of our children to be all that they can be.