CDF-Ohio Testifies in Opposition to Senate Bill 178

December 6, 2022 | Ohio

CDF-Ohio Testifies in Opposition to Senate Bill 178

December 6, 2022

Today, CDF-Ohio submitted written testimony in opposition to Senate Bill 178, currently being considered by the Senate Primary and Secondary Education committee. This legislation would shift the lion’s share of educational functions and responsibilities from the elected and appointed members of the State Board of Education to the oversight of the Governor’s office, diluting the power of Ohio voters and taxpayers to exert meaningful influence and input into the educational decisions made and priorities set for Ohio schools.

Ohio’s students deserve any sweeping changes to our state’s public education system to be considered carefully with ample opportunities for stakeholder input in a transparent and extensive review process. Overhauling the responsibilities of the Ohio State Board of Education, Superintendent for Public Instruction, and Ohio Department of Education is not a simple undertaking that can reasonably or acceptably be considered in the short timeframe that lame duck session offers. Moreover, the rushed process for this bill reeks of a politically motivated power
grab – one that has no place in our education system and our democracy.

Tell Senate Leaders to STOP Senate Bill 178, a State Takeover of Ohio’s Education System.

Click here to download our opponent testimony.