This is the Starting Point: A Pathway to Citizenship is Essential for Children

January 27, 2022 | National×540.jpg

Congress is once again gearing up to consider a historic investment in children and families through the Build Back Better Act, and communities and young people have been loud and clear about what this investment must include: a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrant families. 

Citizenship must be the starting point, and not the destination, in securing opportunities for all children to grow and thrive. As CDF’s new infographic (available in English and Spanish) and factsheet (available in English and Spanish) shows, citizenship means better opportunities for improved health and mental health outcomes, strengthened health care access, and much more to support children’s healthy development. Every child deserves a successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities, and citizenship is a critical step to making that journey safer and more certain.

It’s long past time for Congress to heed the call of children and communities and deliver permanent protections via a pathway to citizenship. Download our infographic and factsheet to learn more about how citizenship supports children’s well-being.