Policy Priorities

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Advocacy Groups

  • Children's Rights
    Children's Rights gathers and shares information that may be overlooked by the average person.
  • Children's Sentinel Nutrition Assessment Program (C-SNAP)
    C-SNAP is a unique, non-partisan research and public policy center dedicated to the health and nutrition of children ages 0 to 3. Led by a national network of pediatricians and public health researchers, the center collects data and produces original, timely research to inform policy decisions that prevent child hunger and promote children's health.
  • Coalition for Juvenile Justice
    The Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) is a national nonprofit association representing governor-appointed advisory groups on juvenile justice from the U.S. states, territories and the District of Columbia. Beginning in 2005, CJJ is also the proud host and sponsor of the growing National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN).
  • Coalition for Texas Children
    The mission of the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Leadership Forum, Texas Care for Children, is to join and strengthen diverse leaders to better serve the public good through an intense yearlong program that fosters learning and trust among experienced leaders from every sector of our community. The result is a unique forum where barriers between people are removed, issues are openly discussed, and solutions emerge that benefit the entire community.
  • Coalition on Human Needs (CHN)
    CHN is an alliance of national organizations that work together to promote public policies which address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable populations. The Coalition's members include civil rights, religious, labor and professional organizations and those concerned with the well being of children, women, the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
    The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has 48 national organizational members and conducts research, strategic engagement, and effective policy advocacy to reduce gun violence.
  • Coleman Center for Children and Youth
    Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth works to improve the lives of San Francisco’s children, youth, and families for over 30 years.They are a successfull a member-driven, community-based organization of working families, youth, advocates and service providers.
  • Commission to Build a Healthier America
    A national, non-partisan group of leaders raising awareness and disseminating research about the many factors that influence health. Their research includes early life experience, education, work, housing, and community factors.
  • Commonwealth Fund
    The Commonwealth Fund is a national foundation that regularly publishes commentary, reports, and data on health care, including children's health, health insurance, and health disparities.
  • Community Health Councils, Inc.
    Community Health Councils (CHC) is a non-profit community-based health promotion, advocacy and policy organization. CHC was established in 1992 in response to the growing healthcare crisis. Their mission is to improve health and increase access to quality healthcare for uninsured, under-resourced and underserved populations
  • Congressional Hunger Center (CHC)
    CHC trains and inspires leaders who work to end hunger in the United States and abroad, and advocates public policies that create a food secure world. Through two fellowship programs, these leaders bridge the gap between grassroots efforts and national and international public policy to provide access to nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food.
  • Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators
    CJCA is one of nearly 200 organizations supporting the Act 4 Juvenile Justice campaign to update and reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) to better support and improve state and local juvenile justice programs and practices.
  • Cover the Uninsured Week
    Cover the Uninsured Week coordinates activities across the country to build awareness that too many children and adults in America are uninsured.
  • Crystal Stairs
    Helping a parent find child care, training child care providers on how to nurture and educate young children, helping parents and providers bridge the affordability gap with child care subsidies
  • Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH)
    The Department of Fair Employment and Housing is the largest state civil rights agency in the country. It was established by the Legislature in 1959 as the Division of Fair Employment Practices and was initially part of the Department of Industrial Relations.


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