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  • 07/22/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Our Nation’s Unfinished Business

    [The summer] brought racial disorders to American cities, and with them shock, fear and bewilderment to the nation. The worst came during a two-week period in July, first in Newark and then in Detroit. Each set off a chain reaction in neighboring communities . . . What happened? Why did it happen? What can be done to prevent it from happening again?
  • 07/12/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Don’t Make Our Most Vulnerable Children Wait Longer!

    In an important show of bipartisanship, Congress is on the cusp of an historic step to help many of the most vulnerable children in our nation who are abused and neglected and at risk of entering foster care and lingering in group care.
  • 07/08/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Seed Sowing for a Beloved Nation and World Community

    The group of Atlanta interfaith leaders meeting that September 11th had a vision for their own version of a beloved community. Instead of being deterred by terror and hate they planted the seeds for what grew into the Interfaith Children’s Movement. Dr. Luther E. Smith, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Church and Community at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology and coordinator of the Pan-Methodist Campaign for Children in Poverty, has been a leader in the movement since the beginning.
  • 07/01/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Time for "Good Trouble" Inside and Outside Congress

    Congressman John Lewis' call to action in the U.S. House of Representatives on June 22nd was the beginning of an extraordinary event in our nation's Capitol.
  • 06/24/16

    Child Watch® Column: "#LoveWillWin"

    Sunday, June 12, America woke up to news of the worst mass shooting in our gun-soaked history. A celebration of Latin Night at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando turned into a killing field fueled by intolerance, hate and weapons of war. Now is the time to remember those who stand up and stand together in love.
  • 06/16/16

    Child Watch® Column: "Inaction Cannot Be An Option"

    Inaction is not an option. In the wake of the worst mass shooting in American history we can and must do everything in our power to end this scourge of terror, hate and bullets that fly across our land killing and maiming and breaking hearts and traumatizing communities with ever increasing frequency.
  • 06/10/16

    Child Watch® Column: "The Crucial Need to Expand the Non-White Teacher Pipeline"

    The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) has just completed a week of national training for nearly 2,000 college students and recent graduates preparing to teach in CDF Freedom Schools® summer literacy programs across the country. Most come from the communities they serve and are role models for the children they serve.
  • 06/03/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Remembering, Reclaiming and Honoring Our Roots

    On the 40th anniversary of the publication of Alex Haley’s landmark book Roots: The Saga of an American Family, a new television adaptation is bringing renewed attention to the story that opened so many eyes to the harsh truth about American slavery and its aftermath – an aftermath that continues under new guises despite much progress.
  • 05/27/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Original Child Bomb

    President Obama’s historic visit to Hiroshima this week offers an opportunity to take a clear-eyed look back to the first and only time nuclear weapons have been used in war. Germany had surrendered on May 8, 1945. Japan refused to surrender and continued to wage the Pacific War. President Harry S. Truman faced a decision on whether or not to drop the world’s first atomic bomb in Japan.
  • 05/20/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Building Strong Children Today For a Strong Nation Tomorrow

    Pediatricians aren’t usually day-to-day policy makers but policy decisions affect the work they do every day as frontline caregivers for our nation’s children.
  • 05/13/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Welcome to Everyone

    When Andrew Carnegie was a seventeen-year-old immigrant “working boy” in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania (now Pittsburgh’s North Side) in 1853, he wanted to be able to borrow books to improve himself – but in the era of predominantly private libraries he was stopped by an annual $2.00 library subscription fee.
  • 05/08/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Mother’s Day Call to Action

    As mothers and grandmothers who have dedicated our lives to serving children, our own and others, we know firsthand how important a stable home, a positive emotional and learning environment and safe communities are for a child’s healthy development.
  • 05/06/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Stories of Mother Love

    As we celebrate mothers and grandmothers, foster mothers, and all those who step in to parent children in need, let’s pledge to take responsibility not only for our own children and grandchildren but for all children or at least for one child who may not be our own.
  • 04/29/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Hope Is Waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court

    The futures of Baldo and his family and millions of other immigrant families are on hold until the U.S. Supreme Court makes a decision in U.S. v. Texas expected in June. Texas and 25 other states filed a lawsuit in February 2015 to block President Obama’s November 2014 executive action to help keep immigrant families together. The Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiatives would help parents and young adults remain in the U.S. temporarily to work, further their education, and support their families. Baldo’s story is documented in one of the 19 friend of the court briefs filed on behalf of more than 1,000 organizations and individuals supporting the President’s executive actions.
  • 04/22/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Recognizing All of America’s S/Heroes

    Every day I wear a pair of medallions around my neck with portraits of two of my role models: Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth. As a child I read books about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. She and indomitable and eloquent slave woman Sojourner Truth represent countless thousands of anonymous slave women whose bodies and minds were abused and whose voices were muted by slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and confining gender roles throughout our nation’s history.
  • 04/15/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    End Child Summer Hunger Now!

    Hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation and poor children like Linda who rely on free and reduced price breakfast and lunch during the school year to keep the wolves of hunger at bay face a long summer of food deprivation. “It was hard without school during the summer, but being able to qualify for something like food stamps or having a food pantry near us, that helped a lot,” Linda says, but at the end of the month, “it was kind of like a hit-or-miss kind of situation.”
  • 04/08/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Income Inequality: The Housing Struggle

    “I was in Newark and Harlem just this week. And I walked into the homes of welfare mothers. I saw them in conditions—no, not with wall-to-wall carpet, but wall-to-wall rats and roaches.
  • 04/01/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    The Time is Always Right to Do Right

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  • 03/25/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    The Moment We Have Waited For

    Rev. C.T. Vivian, legendary civil rights leader, believes young people today are inheriting the world at a unique crossroads in history and that “this is the moment we have waited for. When I say ‘we’ve’ waited for, I’m talking about humankind has waited for. I’m talking about all the great philosophers and thinkers have waited for this moment.
  • 03/18/16

    Child Watch® Column:
    Tick, Tock, Tick Tock: Flint’s Disposable Poor Children

    America’s political blame game continues while children continue to suffer life impairing harm. The nation was riveted this week as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chief Gina McCarthy were grilled over their shameful inaction on the Flint, Michigan water crisis by members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
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