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  • Marian Wright Edelman 03/09/07
    Child Watch® Column: "Three Sisters, Three Illnesses, No Health Coverage"
    "The Children's Defense Fund is working tirelessly to raise awareness about the ways families across the country are struggling to get their children the health care they need. Here's the story of a California family where three daughters all struggle with serious health issues without health coverage."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 03/16/07
    Child Watch® Column: "Another Call to Conscience and Action for Katrina's Children"
    "Katrina's children are still waiting for their country to come to their rescue with life and hope giving health and mental health care and a secure place called home."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 03/23/07
    Child Watch® Column: "Our Children are Dying for Health Care: Help Them"
    "How did America get to the point where Deamonte Driver, a seventh grader in Prince George's County, Maryland, died because he didn't have health insurance to cover an $80 tooth extraction and his mother couldn't find a dentist to treat him?"
  • Marian Wright Edelman 03/30/07
    Child Watch® Column: "Beating the Odds—Something to Cheer About"
    "If you want to hear about a drug crime or armed robbery by a teen, listen to the 11:00 p.m. news on most nights or go to the Metro section of most newspapers. But if you want to hear about exemplary or ennobling behavior by young people, you may have to do some searching."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 04/06/07
    Child Watch® Column: "Twinkle and Ethel: More Parents Struggling to Keep Their Children Healthy"
    "Our children need you to stand up and demand Congress and President Bush provide all of them health care this year. Children cannot wait. There is no excuse for nine million children to be uninsured in the richest nation on earth."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 04/13/07
    Child Watch® Column: "A Questionable Child Arrest"
    What goes through a police officer's mind when he's handcuffing a child? That's not a rhetorical question. On March 13th, a police officer arrested seven-year-old Gerard Mungo, Jr., at his home in a low-income Black neighborhood in East Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 04/20/07
    Child Watch® Column: "Cause of Death: Bureaucratic Failure"
    "For too many of the nine million uninsured children in America, the lack of health coverage can literally mean the difference between life and death. Children are dying because their health coverage under Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) ran out, was not renewed in a timely manner or simply does not cover the services a child needs."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 04/27/07
    Child Watch® Column: "We Must Stem Gun Violence"
    We must face the hard truth that firearms are so easy to acquire in the United States that lethal mass shootings are mathematically inevitable. Our nation was stunned by Cho Seung Hui's shooting spree at Virginia Tech University where he killed 32 students and professors and wounded 15.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 05/04/07
    Child Watch® Column: "We Must Fight for Mental Health Care Too"
    "The Children's Defense Fund is in the midst of a national campaign to convince Congress and the President to enact legislation this year to extend health care coverage of all children in America, including the nine million who currently are uninsured."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 05/11/07
    Child Watch® Column: "Keeping a Child Healthy Shouldn't Be This Hard"
    "Children get sick occasionally. Parents expect it and always hope they never get anything more than a cold, but they want to be prepared for the worst. Part of that preparation is making sure their children have health insurance. Millions of low- and moderate-income families can't afford private insurance and are eligible for Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)."
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