The Problem

Every young person deserves comprehensive, affordable health coverage. Accessible health care empowers children, supporting their overall well-being. That’s why we advocate for robust, easy-to-access health coverage, ensuring every child has the support they need regardless of their background.

Our Vision

We help to provide health care through initiatives like Medicaid and CHIP. Collaborating with partners like Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, St. Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland, The Cleveland Foundation, The Bruening Foundation, and Medical Mutual Charitable Foundation of Ohio, we engage in the Finish Line Project. Together, we work to make healthcare coverage universal, promoting equality among Ohio’s children and young people.

The Solution

Various factors interconnect with overall health. Families’ income, education, and access to healthy food affect children’s well-being. However, disparities persist among marginalized communities. Through our collaborative efforts, we advocate for culturally competent health care, data-driven approaches, and practical solutions to bridge the health gap.

Teaming up with UHCAN Ohio, we explore solutions for essential workers and their families. Our comprehensive approach includes exploring various programs for critical health services and proposing strategies to ensure the well-being of all Ohioans.