The Problem

Our country’s justice systems disproportionately impact Black and Brown youth, often failing to provide rehabilitation, accountability, and safety while respecting their rights. Despite reforms like raising the age of criminal liability in New York, there’s a crucial need to ensure these changes reduce youth involvement in the system, protect older youth in the adult criminal justice system, and establish comprehensive services for youth and families.

Our Vision

We envision justice systems that prioritize prevention, community alternatives to detention, positive youth development, and restorative justice. Our approach involves:

Working collaboratively with lawmakers and stakeholders

Advocating for evidence-based practices

Amplifying children’s voices

Challenging policies that are inconsistent with the well-being of youth

The Solution

  • Collaborate with lawmakers and stakeholders for evidence-based practices
  • Advocate for reforms like Raise the Age and Close to Home
  • Monitor young people’s involvement in the justice system and challenge detrimental policies
  • Stand with us to ensure justice systems prioritize the well-being of youth and challenge harmful practices. Your support can shape a brighter future for young lives.