The Problem

Despite some progress, New York City schools suspend thousands of students each year, depriving them of valuable classroom time, while school-based policing interventions disrupt their education. Disparities in these practices based on race, gender, ability, and sexual orientation persist, demanding creative solutions to address this urgent issue.

Our Vision

We envision New York’s public schools as safe, restorative, and equitable environments where all students can learn and grow. Education justice means valuing the dignity of students and their communities through equitable resources, culturally responsive curricula, trauma prevention, harm repair, and restorative practices.

The Solution

Collaborating with students and coalitions, we redefine school safety and promote non-exclusionary approaches like guidance interventions and conflict resolution programs. We aim to drive policy change, secure sustainable investments, implement alternatives effectively, and garner support from decision-makers and the people of New York at all levels.