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CDF-NY Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign

About the Campaign

Schools should be safe havens where students are respected and supported. In New York State students lose hundreds of days of classroom instruction each year due to suspensions. In New York, suspension disproportionately impact Black and Latinx students and those with disabilities.

CDF-NY serves on the Solutions Not Suspension Coalition made up of advocates, organizers, student leaders, education attorneys, and direct service providers to address this growing problem in our state. Solutions Not Suspensions-NY continues to fight to improve school climate and stop the school to prison and deportation pipeline throughout New York State. Alongside our allies we advocate for the following policy changes:

  • End suspensions for K-3 students; 
  • Use restorative justice and other alternative discipline in place of punishments that remove students from their learning environment;
  • Limit the amount of time that a student can be out of school to 20 days and provide access to work and alternative instruction during the suspension so that students who are suspended can get back on track;
  • Stop inappropriate interactions between school resource officers and students, and make sure all of the adults that students interact with have training of best practices in creating safe, healthy, and inclusive schools;
  • Prohibit suspensions for minor infractions, such as tardiness, dress code violations, or insubordination. 

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