CDF-MN Child Health

The Problem

Many children and youth face developmental challenges because of unmet physical and mental health needs. Children of color and those from low-income families often lack access to essential health coverage, starting life at a significant disadvantage compared to their wealthier, healthier peers.

Our Vision

We envision a future where all children and youth thrive with access to comprehensive health care.

CDF-MN Supports:

  • Protecting Progress: Safeguarding the progress made in health coverage.
  • Expanding Coverage: Extending coverage to uninsured children and youth.
  • Ensuring Enrollment: Keeping all children and youth enrolled in essential health coverage.
  • Timely Access to Care: Ensuring quick access to appropriate health care services.

The Solution

Minnesota has achieved historic lows in uninsured children thanks to programs like Medical Assistance, the federal Medicaid program, and MinnesotaCare. But the continuation of these programs and the Health Care Access Fund’s strength need your support. Your advocacy helps maintain these vital resources, ensuring young people in our state stay healthy and covered.