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Black, Latino, and Indigenous Families Are Bearing the Brunt of the Crisis But Not Receiving Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

Nationwide, only five percent of COVID vaccines have gone to Black Americans and only 11 percent have gone to Latino Americans, according to available data. Our leaders must ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and work to address the longstanding racism that has caused this crisis.

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Children Need Flu Shots and Other Vaccines Amid Pandemic

While current vaccination rates are increasing, they have yet to reach a level that makes up for the large dip over the spring and summer months.  Flu shots and other vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary now more than ever to keep our children and families healthy and keep our healthcare infrastructure from being overwhelmed. 

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Pediatricians are Concerned with Declines in Well-Child Visits and Vaccines during COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic upends daily life all across the country, families must continue to follow public health recommendations by staying at home and limiting contact with others whenever possible. But an unintended negative consequence of the pandemic is the news that up to 80 percent of American children are not visiting their pediatricians’ offices right now and are missing out on routine well-child visits that include important developmental screenings and vaccinations.

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Legislation Should Address Vaccine Hesitancy and Rise in Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Vaccines are essential to protecting children, families, and communities, and herd immunity is especially critical for vulnerable children with medical conditions as well as infants too young to be immunized. To maintain and increase vaccine coverage that will ensure necessary herd immunity, parents must have confidence in the safety and efficacy of vaccines, exemptions must be restricted, and existing exemptions must be monitored.

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Perpetuating cruelty, the Trump Administration won’t provide flu vaccines to migrant children and families

Within the same week that the Trump Administration released two new final rules that perpetuate cruelty to immigrant children and families, news broke that the administration is not vaccinating migrant children or families they are detaining, and has no plans to do so ahead of the next flu season.

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  Vaccines: A Guide for Parents

When enough people in a population are vaccinated against an infectious disease, “community immunity” protects the entire population. Community immunity helps protect those who cannot get vaccinated because they are too young, have weakened immune systems, or are part of the small portion of the population on whom vaccines are ineffective.

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