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  America’s Schools Provide Much More than Lessons; Children Out of School in America Need Congressional Action Now

When children are not attending school in person, they are not only missing out on vital education that is hard to deliver virtually; they are also abruptly without services they rely on and support from educators and professionals trained to connect them with resources and ensure their most urgent needs are met. As many schools returned to virtual instruction this fall, students are approaching almost a full year without those supports and services—which include access to healthy food, care for their physical and mental health, caring adults tasked with ensuring their safety, and federally mandated supports for marginalized students.


  CDF Guía Tu Voto Es Importante a Cualquier Nivel

Lo que esta en la boleta este Noviembre 3 no es solamente la elección de Presidente. También están decisiones acerca de seguro de salud, fondos para escuelas y currículos (plan de estudios) de clases, parques y caminos, reformas a la fuerza policíaca y vivienda asequible. Estar informado acerca de estas decisiones ayuda a que su voto esta protegiendo a niños en su comunidad. Estas son algunas de las decisiones que su voto puede impactar.


  CDF Guía Los Niños Estan Contando Contigo

Este verano, académicos de CDF Freedom Schools publicaron declaraciones sobre porque la votación es importante y que temas quieren que adultos luchen por defender en las elecciones. Este es el momento para usar nuestro poder, ampli car las voces de los que no pueden votar, y comprometernos en traer a las elecciones las necesidades de los niños.


  “Back to School” During a Pandemic: Why Our Children Need Access to Nutritious Food to Learn and Thrive

Child nutrition programs alleviate poverty and hunger, improve child health and well-being, and strengthen development and academic achievement. However, these programs utilize long-standing bene t and eligibility criteria and lengthy reimbursement processes that require providers to cover the costs up front and can be in exible to the growing needs of children and families. This is particularly true during the current pandemic as factors including meal times, meal sites, and delivery are constantly shifting.


  CDF Toolkit Your Vote Matters At Every Level

It’s decisions in your community about health insurance, school funding and classroom curriculum, parks and roads, police reform, and affordable housing. Being informed about these decisions can help ensure your vote is protecting children in your community. These are some of the decisions your vote can impact.


  CDF Toolkit Children Are Counting On You

This summer, CDF Freedom Schools scholars made their voices heard on why voting matters and what issues they want grown-ups to champion at the polls. Now it’s our turn to use our power, amplify the voices of the voteless, and commit to taking children’s needs to the polls.