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  150+ Organizations Call for the Passage of the PAID Leave Act amid COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has highlighted the health and economic consequences faced by working people when they lack access to paid sick days and paid family and medical leave. Our society is only as healthy as its most vulnerable members. Now more than ever, we must recognize that we all have a stake in ensuring that working people have access to paid sick and safe days and paid family and medical leave.


  CDF Letter to Congress on COVID-19 Relief Legislation

As you work quickly with your Congressional colleagues to pass new legislation to address the devastating public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, the Children’s Defense Fund urges you to include in the next package a number of critical provisions to protect our nation’s children and families.


  Children’s Education Organizations Urge Congress to Protect Child Care and Early Learning Systems amid COVID-19

Early childhood education programs are essential for the millions of children and families they serve, and are particularly crucial during emergency public health and economic crises. But their success is contingent upon receiving the robust investment they need to take necessary steps and precautions. We urge lawmakers to act swiftly to allocate substantial emergency flexible funding directly to the child care and early learning systems in this country.


  The State of America’s Children® 2017 Report

Millions of America’s children today suffer from hunger, homelessness and hopelessness. Together, The State of America’s Children® 2017 and corresponding state factsheets provide a comprehensive overview of how America’s children are doing nationally and inform conversations about how we can do better.