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We serve children and families afterschool and during the summers months at CDF approved DC Public Schools. Currently, there are five CDF-DC Freedom Schools sites:

  1. Lawrence E. Boone Elementary – Afterschool/Summer Programs
  2. Mary H. Plummer Elementary – Afterschool/Summer Programs
  3. Kelly Miller Middle School – Summer Program
  4. JC Nalle Community School – Summer Program
  5. Excel Academy Public School – Summer Program

Through the CDF Freedom Schools model, we empower youth to excel and believe in their ability to make a difference in themselves, their families, communities, country and world with hope, education and action.

The CDF Freedom Schools program enhances children’s motivation to read and makes them feel good about learning by exposing them to a research-based curriculum featuring culturally relevant books. At the same time, the program connects families to the right resources in their communities. What sets the CDF Freedom Schools program apart is a focus on enriching the whole child, meaning students and families enrolled in our programming will have access to:

  • High quality academic enrichment through our research-based, multicultural social justice and conflict-resolution curriculum known as the Integrated Reading Curriculum (IRC).
  • Parent and family development through weekly parent meetings, frequent family check-ins, engagement opportunities, competitions, and more!
  • Civic engagement and social action through lessons about social action and participation in our National Day of Social Action (NDSA) during which all CDF Freedom Schools students nationwide participate in a collective action to bring about social change.
  • Nutrition, health and mental health through sharing knowledge and resources for accessing food, mental health care and other basic needs.

For more information or questions, please contact Joy Masha, Program Administrator at​.

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Measuring Success

Despite the challenges the COVID-19 crisis brought to many out of school time programs across the country, we are proud to share the accomplishments of our 2020 D.C. CDF Freedom Schools program.

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Simone Ruskamp, Family Outreach Coordinator

Ms. Ruskamp is the CDF Freedom Schools (DC) Family Outreach Coordinator. She loves parent and family engagement. As the parent of a young child, she affirms the radical work of mothering and believes that all are needed to create the communities we deserve. She is an organizer, graduate student, mother, and friend.