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Recently Released Report

Transforming Closed Youth Prisons: Repurposing Facilities to Meet Community Needs, a recently released report by the Urban Institute, describes why state and local governments should begin repurposing vacant youth prisons. The report looks at six former detention centers currently undergoing transformations and offers recommendations for policymakers and advocates. Read the report and learn how to make repurposing a reality in your community.

Recent Blogs

  • “I Am A Child”: The Adultification of Black Children

    No 9-year-old child should be handcuffed or pepper sprayed; no 9-year-old child should be arrested. Yet, this incident is not unique. Too often, Black children are treated as adults, and their normal adolescent behaviors treated as delinquent.

  • Ongoing Violence Can Take a Toll on Children’s Health and Wellbeing

    As we move towards accountability and welcome in the new administration, it’s time for bold solutions to dismantle systems of oppression and protect our children from sources of toxic stress like poverty, racism, and police violence.

  • 2020: CDF’s Year in Review

    The Children’s Defense Fund spent much of 2020 pushing Congress to take action to protect children and families from the harmful impacts of our country’s health, economic, and racial disparities while continuing to defend against harmful regulatory and administrative policies set forth by the Trump administration. 

    Our commitment to children and policies that protect them has never wavered, and we know we have many fights ahead to keep children and families safe in the new year. But as we reach the end of an unprecedented year, we are taking a moment to celebrate some important wins for children and families in 2020.